Shows List

Strip Tease

15 Min. ($250)
30 Min. ($350)

What is a StripTease?

A sensual choreographed striptease perfect for a mixed crowd or birthday party, g-string optional. Guaranteed to make the birthday boy blush.


15 Min. ($300)
20 Min. ($350)
30 Min. ($450)

What is a Nude Show?

All the fun of a striptease with hot open leg action.
A real crowd pleaser to get the party started!

Nude Show with Props

20 Min. ($500)
30 Min. ($600)

What is a Nude Show with Props?

Our perfect showgirls add oils, lotions, candle wax and more to their standard nude show, each beauty has her own special props so you get a new surprise with every show.

Dominatrix Show

15 Min. ($300)
20 Min. ($400)
30 Min. ($500)

What is a Dominatrix Show?

The ultimate show to pull the buck into line, or maybe you want to show your boss who the real boss is?
Whips, ball gag, hot wax and more!
Sit back and watch the man of honour bend to the will of our ultimate dominatrix.

Pearl Show

20 Min. ($550)
30 Min. ($650)

What is a Pearl Show?

Full open leg action with a hidden surprise, how many metres of pearl can our beautiful showgirl pull from her treasure box?
Guaranteed to shock and delight.
Ending with a lollipop, but who’s mouth will it go in?

XXX Show with Toys

15 Min. ($550)
20Min. ($600)
30 Min. ($700)
45Min. ($800)
1 Hour ($1000)

What is a XXX Show ?

Bucks party favourite. A themed striptease climaxing with the use of 3 or more toys! Oils, lotions, wax, lollipop, pearls, and more. Some of our talented showgirls can even shoot them across the room, who’s ready to catch?

Champagne Show

20 Min. ($650)
30 Min. ($750)
45 Min. ($800)

What is a Champagne Show?

All the fun of a toy show with the added thrill of champagne.
The man of honour will be open mouthed as he waits for his sweet delight.

Fruit & Veg Show

20 Min. ($600)
30 Min. ($700)
45 Min. ($800)

What is a Fruit & Veg Show?

Toy show leave you hungry for more?
This show incorporates various fruit and vegetables in the naughtiest way, who knows where that banana will go, and who will get to eat it?

Lesbian XXX Show

15 Min. ($1550)
45Min. ($1800)

What is a Lesbian XXX Show?

Two beauties bring the ultimate toy show including real life XXX lesbian action, everything you’ve seen on screen brought to life in front of your very own eyes.

Anal XXX Show

45 Min. ($1200)

What is an Anal XXX Show?

A full toy show with thrilling back door action.
Not for the faint hearted!

Specialty Show

Starting from ($300)

What is a Specialty Show?

Our showgirls each have their very own specialty show, these are tailored by each performer to include different tools of the trade like fire or a stripper pole.
Enquire within and we can make your dreams come true.

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